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Private Hospital In-patient cover

Helping cover the costs of private hospital operations, accommodation and follow-on treatment to aid your recovery.

Sometimes, you just can’t afford to wait for an operation. Private Hospital In-patient cover is here for you if you need quick access to private hospital treatment as an in-patient. With waiting lists for NHS surgery varying widely from region to region, we can help you find treatment by giving you access to a quality private hospital near you when you need it. To make sure you’re covered for a range of hospital operations, all you need to do is take out Private Hospital In-patient cover together with Diagnosis Plus cover. You’ll be in control from the start – and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Mike's story

This is an example of the way in which Your Health Fund can work in practice, and doesn't feature real customers.

55 year old Mike had been concerned about discomfort around his bladder and lower abdomen for a few months. It was mid-winter and, knowing how busy his NHS GP would be with flu patients, he called us to arrange a diagnosis with a local private GP. The GP suspected that Mike’s condition might need further investigation and immediately referred him to a specialist at his local private hospital.

The consultant ran a full suite of tests and broke the news that Mike had feared – he had the early stages of prostate cancer. His prostate gland would need to be removed in an operation, which we arranged within a few weeks, with the same consultant, in the same hospital. Private Hospital In-patient cover not only covered the cost of Mike's surgery, but a week in hospital and a course of out-patient treatment and GP check-ups to get him back on his feet quickly.

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