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Specialist diagnosis without the wait, combined with specified out-patient treatments when you need them.

The NHS does an excellent job in increasingly difficult circumstances. An ageing population means more of their time devoted to treating chronic medical conditions, the type which need constant monitoring and treatment and which aren’t available under private medical insurance. With so many demands on its funding and resources it can be difficult to see NHS consultants and even local GPs when it’s convenient for you, even for short term, curable conditions.

Diagnosis Plus cover helps provide prompt access to a private GP with a referral to a private consultant for quick diagnosis of medical conditions. With a range of covered outpatient treatments we aim to get you back quickly on the path to recovery.

If you have a medical problem that's been concerning you, a quick diagnosis can take away a lot of worry and uncertainty.

With Your Health Fund, your cover builds using a unique claim fund built up using £25 per month from your regular premium. You can withdraw money which hasn’t been used to fund claims and that remains in the claim fund at the end of your 5 year term. Should you take out a policy, we will give you a head start by placing £100 notional balance in your claim fund which gives you £500 of cover.

It's only fair - it's your health, and Your Health Fund after all.

How Diagnosis Plus cover works 

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Angela's story

This is an example of the way in which Your Health Fund can work in practice, and doesn't feature real customers.

47 year old Angela had a recurring chest infection. It was proving difficult to get a quick appointment with her own GP, so she decided to use Diagnosis Plus cover to see a private GP. The GP said she'd need to see a specialist, but there was a 5 month waiting list to see one on the NHS. Because she had Diagnosis Plus cover, she was able to arrange an appointment with a local consultant within two weeks. The policy covered the cost of a complete chest X-ray, blood tests and diagnosis. Angela's infection was treatable with an antibiotic prescription – but taking the weight off her mind was just as valuable.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Upgrading to Private Hospital In-patient cover

Diagnosis Plus cover is great if all you need is quick access to a specialist diagnosis or a range of out-patient treatments. However if you need cover for hospital operations, heart and cancer treatment, accommodation and aftercare, that’s where Private Hospital In-patient cover comes in. It will help towards the cost of expert private treatment, such as an operation when you need it most. Take out both plans together and you will have the choice and control over the healthcare you need.

Find out more about Private Hospital In-patient cover

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