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More rewarding cover from Your Health Fund

The NHS does an excellent job in increasingly difficult circumstances. An ageing population means the NHS devotes more time to treating chronic medical conditions, the type which need constant monitoring and treatment and which aren’t available under private medical insurance. With so many demands on its funding and resources it can be difficult to see NHS consultants and even local GPs when it’s convenient for you, even for short term, curable conditions. Your Health Fund can help.

With Your Health Fund's Diagnosis Plus cover you can get prompt access to a private GP and/or consultant to get you on the path to recovery. If you have a medical problem that's been concerning you, a quick diagnosis can take away a lot of worry and uncertainty. If you want added cover for operations and more serious treatment, we'll help put your mind at rest with our Private Hospital In-patient cover, giving you a faster route to expert private treatment. Your Health Fund gives you choice. Just choose the right level of cover that suits you best. To find out more about Your Health Fund please contact us.

It's only fair - it's your health and Your Health Fund, after all.

  • Diagnosis Plus cover

    Specialist diagnosis without the wait, combined with specified out-patient treatments when you need them.

    Diagnosis Plus cover helps pay for:

    • Private specialist and GP consultations
    • Diagnostic tests including scans and X-rays
    • Specialist treatments including physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, counselling and psychotherapy


    • We give you £500 of additional cover from day one
    • We also offer you some or all of your claim fund back (up to a limit of £1,500)
    • Available on its own or with our In-patient cover

    Find out more about our Diagnosis Plus cover

  • Private Hospital In-patient cover

    For further reassurance we have our Private Hospital In-patient cover which can be purchased in conjunction with the Diagnosis Plus cover. This will cover the costs of private hospital operations, accommodation and follow-on treatment to aid your recovery.

    Private Hospital In-patient cover helps pay for:

    • Private hospital operations
    • Hospital accommodation and follow-on treatment 
    • Select heart and cancer treatments
    • Treatments up to a maximum benefit of £25,000 a year 

    *needs to be purchased with Diagnosis Plus cover

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    Find out more about our In-patient Treatment cover 

Why National Friendly

Here at National Friendly, we've been helping our members to save, invest and look after its health for nearly 150 years, since April 1868. We're proud of our past, and today we're looking to the future and innovating a new generation of products and services that make our members' lives easier, healthier and more rewarding. As a mutual society we're owned by our policyholders and so all of our profits are invested in improving member benefits and our service to you, instead of paying dividends to shareholders.