New In-patient Plan and Diagnosis Plus Plan offer greater choice for customers and intermediaries

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We have today announced the launch of our updated health insurance policies. Following feedback from intermediaries, our flagship PMI solution now offers two distinct policies, an In-Patient Plan and a Diagnosis Plus Plan.

The In-patient Plan provides policyholders with swift access to private hospital treatment as an in-patient or day patient. The policy covers the cost of private operations, hospital accommodation and follow-on treatment, up to an increased total value of £250,000 per year.

The Diagnosis Plus Plan provides policyholders with prompt access to a private GP and a specialist consultant. The policy covers healthcare costs associated with diagnosis, including diagnosis of heart and cancer conditions as well as mental health consultations. The Diagnosis Plus Plan also includes selected minor out-patient surgery, as well as specialist therapies including physiotherapy and psychotherapy. Diagnosis Plus Plan policyholders will also continue to benefit from our unique deposit principle, whereby £25 of every monthly premium is added to a personal claim fund.  When the policy ends after five years, customers have the option to claim all or some of the remaining balance.

For both products, we have also increased the customer age limit from 70 to 75, with Diagnosis Plus Plan and In-patient Plan customers also having the option to renew their policy past that age. In addition, customers will now be able to benefit from easy switching terms.

Wayne Carter, Head of Sales and Marketing at National Friendly, said:

“We are well aware of the current pressures on the NHS, from primary care to hospitalisation, and we have also listened to feedback from intermediaries on what customers want from our PMI. 

 “Offering  two policies will give our customers greater choice; I believe the In-patient Plan will be particularly of interest to those people who are over 50 who do not want a full-blown PMI solution while the Diagnosis Plus Plan will be appealing to those faced with long waiting times to be seen by an NHS GPS or consultant.

“We remain true to our commitment to be a forward-thinking and trusted mutual that meets the health, welfare and protection needs of its customers”

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